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About Me

     I lived a relatively “normal” and responsible life until I reached my mid-40s. I was always on time for things. I got good grades in school. I did what I was told, finished my vegetables and played by the rules. My wardrobe was mostly navy and black, it never included yellows or pinks. I was living the kind of life that everyone expected me to have.

      But man, it was boring! And unfulfilling. And somehow I knew that there had to be more to life. Maybe you can relate?   _DSC0893

      That all changed in 2009 when I somewhat spontaneously sold my home in Ottawa, Canada, got rid of most of my possessions and hit the road in a daisy-decorated RV that was emblazoned with my mantra, “Follow your heart, wherever it takes you”. I come from a responsible family of lawyers and accountants so of course, my Mom was thrilled with the idea.

     It is this soul-searching journey of the heart that I share in Following Daisies: A True Story About One Woman’s Adventures Finding Happiness, Fulfilling Dreams and Becoming Herself.

     Learning to follow my heart and honour my intuition has been quite the adventure and not always an easy one. But all those years spent not listening to my heart were even harder.

I can't help it, I like a colourful vehicle!

I can’t help it, I like a colourful vehicle!

  The journey was made much easier by all the messages and guidance that I received from my guardian angels, often in the form of daisies that usually appeared in the most synchronous of moments. Another tool that I used for guidance was angel cards. Since 2009 I’ve been doing angel card readings for myself and found them invaluable in terms of the additional guidance they can offer to help gain clarity to important life questions.

  Now I’m thrilled to be able to offer Angel Card readings for others and to combine that with coaching tools to not only offer clients intuitive guidance but also practical steps to help them move forward in their career, relationship, finances and more.

  I am also an aspiring stand-up comedian and publish a blog called “Peace, Love and Daisies” that takes a look at the lighter side of life.

   I am often asked why I’m called Wild Daisy. I took on the moniker of Daisy while on a mountain biking vacation with some friends several years ago. The nickname stuck and my love affair with daisies only continued to bloom (pun intended). Daisies also became a way to connect to messages from my angels since they usually appear at opportune times. My lifestyle is also a bit daisy-like, I tend to go with the wind, live from the heart and aim to keep things on the bright side.

HappyGoDaisyMo  I live on beautiful Salt Spring Island on Canada’s west coast. I drive the most colourful car in town, am often running behind schedule, frequently break the rules and often wear bright-coloured outfits. I continue to follow my heart, aspire for deeper growth and always welcome new learning opportunities and experiences.

  When I’m not busy doing readings and coaching, writing or trying to find my keys, I can be found hiking or at the beach with my Jack Russell Terrier, Daisy ‘Mo, cycling around the island or at home enjoying some Nanaimo bars.


Certified Angel Card Reader

Life Coaching Levels 1 and 2, NLP for Personal Trainers (in conjunction with CanFitPro)

CanFitPro Personal Trainer Certification

Toastmasters International, CC and ACB

Wellness and Lifestyle Management Certificate, Centennial College

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Guelph

Chef’s Pre-Employment Certificate, George Brown College (Yes I can cook! I went to school and worked briefly with the notorious Lynn Crawford.)